Spicy Thai Vegetable Soup
Pineapple Tofu Kabobs

K2 Smoothie

Prep: I use my own frozen fruit. Wash berries and drain. Slice them and place in a storage bag. Make sure they are in one layer to avoid clumping. Use more than one bag if need. Place flatly in the freezer. Do the same with bananas.

Roughly 1/2 cup organic sliced/frozen strawberries
Roughly 1/3 cup organic sliced/frozen bananas
1 cup plain coconut beverage (not the coconut milk in the can); for example Trader Joes The unsweetened vanilla almond milk is also good.
1/2 carton non-fat Greek yogurt (I use pomegranate or mango from Trader Joes; for a flavored variety the calories are not bad although it's not true Greek yogurt. Otherwise use plain.)
1 spoonful oat bran (about 1 tablespoon)


Place all in blender and blend. Sometimes I'll add a few frozen raspberries or pineapple to the mix above for a slight variation. But not blackberries – too many seeds! I have also swapped in flax seed meal for the oat bran.

By: K2


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